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Agri-Business Program

The Miell Consulting Agri-Business Program encompasses the following key elements:

Long-Term Wealth Creation
Investments in quality agricultural properties have demonstrated long-term returns that illustrate the value of the inclusion of this asset class in a well-balanced investment portfolio.

At Miell Consulting Agri-Business, we understand that global megatrends in water scarcity, population growth, food security and scarcity of quality, productive agricultural land, will help to underpin agricultural property values over the long-term.

Understanding Our Clients Investment Objectives
Our first priority is to understand each client’s agricultural investment objectives.  This is a critical first step.  With this knowledge, we will develop and present appropriate portfolio development strategies for consideration that include: asset selection criteria, acquisition and management options and milestones for action that meet each investor’s needs.

Diversified Portfolio Structure
Miell Consulting Agri-Business targets assets in strategic geographic locations that: meet or exceed the asset selection criteria; offer production diversity; demonstrate above average production history; have immediate potential for productivity improvements; and exhibit opportunities for growth in long-term portfolio value.

Investment Management Services
Miell Consulting’s Agri-Business Program provides comprehensive end-to-end management solutions. We offer our clients hands-on proactive asset and operational management expertise to deliver exceptional management of each client’s agricultural portfolio.

A Beneficial Partnership
A partnership with Miell Consulting Agri-Business will help clients build long-term wealth through the addition of highly productive agricultural properties to their global investment portfolio.

You are invited to consider Miell Consulting Agri-Business as your partner in profitability and long-term wealth creation generated through investment in agricultural properties.

Miell Consulting Agri-Business - your partner in profitability and long term wealth creation generated through investment in agricultural properties.

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