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Sustainability in the agricultural sector, including resources utilized across production, procurement and processing is of growing concern for all agri-businesses, none more so than farmers themselves. 

Particular attention is now being given to water use efficiency and technologies that respond with greater accuracy to actual soil and plant conditions when considering applications of water, fertilizers, chemicals and pesticides.

Linking on-farm practices to environmental considerations and the emerging demands of end consumers is bringing into clear focus the range of management and production options that build sustainable practices into everyday business decisions.

It's about building bottom line outcomes for your business based on productivity improvements, a better control of inputs and long-term sustainable use of available resources and demonstrating environmental stewardship across your areas of operation.

Importantly, a focus on sustainability is clearly linked to emerging water and climate change policies and priorities and is being supported by a wide range of government programs.

Miell Consulting's expertise can help you maximize the sustainability of your business.